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Semi frameless glass Gold Coast is the most cost effective glass Semi frameless. And it’s still simply stunning. Our Gold Coast semi frameless system partners 10mm toughened Grade A safety glass with 316L marine grade stainless steel posts and a glass clamp system. You can choose either an exclusive semi frameless stainless steel or powder coated semi frameless post, and coupled with the mounting system, it will create a stunning pool fence. Although the system costs less than a fully frameless glass fence, a semi frameless glass Brisbane solution still looks at home in even the most prestigious surroundings.

Like our frameless, Gold Coast and Brisbane semi frameless fence elevates the glass from the ground, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance, while still ensuring that the barrier complies with all relevant safety legislations. The Gold Coast and Brisbane semi frameless glass panels are secured in the posts by glazing wedge rubbers that secure the glass in the fence posts.

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